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The Biochar Journal


Foundation Ithaka Institute
Ancienne Eglise 9
CH-1974 Arbaz

phone: ++41 27 398.12.92


Chief editors: Kathleen Draper (ktm) & Hans-Peter Schmidt (hps)

Managing director: Kathleen Draper (ktd)

ISSN: 2297-1114

Copyright and permission

The Biochar Journal is an open source journal and all texts, images, figures, videos etc. are freely accessible. If you wish to take material from the Biochar Journal (extracts, images, figures) and incorporate them into new works like websites, journal articles, book chapters, presentations, reports, etc. or if you intend to reprint or publish full-text articles elsewhere, please ask for our copyright permission (contact us). 

Please cite articles as:

[authors]: [title], the Biochar Journal [year], Arbaz, Switzerland. ISSN 1663-0521, [URL], version of [date], accessed: [date]
Gerlach H, Schmidt HP: Biochar in poultry farming, the Biochar Journal 2014, Arbaz, Switzerland. ISSN 1663-0521,, version of 10th August 2014, accessed: 29.08.2014


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